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Selected Poems by Indie Rock Stars

Original written works by Aidan Moffat, Elvis Perkins, Emmy the Great, Johnny Flynn, Keaton Henson, Robyn Hitchcock, SoKo and more!


Selected Poems by Indie Rock Stars

In every step we walk and in all the words we talk, creativity flows perpetually all around us. When it's noted by open eyes and minds and hearts, these encounters are transformed into art - wide open for wonderment. So we've invited some fine musical artists to harness their powers of expression and collated them for your viewing pleasure. Think of it as little glimpse from an alternate standpoint into the inspired minds of the artists you love.

Selected Poems by Indie Rock Stars lets you experience these colourful souls through poetry, stories and prose. Their up-top think tanks are open for exhibition, sans the usual musical accompaniment, simply presented in black and white word combos detailing the object of their attention from a moment gone, but captured.

We invite you to get comfy and immerse yourself into the shoes of this diverse range of talented folk and see if they can't transport you to a place where things are a little different, if only for a moment.

A Taster

Here are a couple of the poems to whet your appetite...


The book features original written works of poetry & prose from the following artists...

Aidan Moffat

Annie Stela

Dan Mangan

Dan Mangan

Elvis Perkins

Elvis Perkins

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Emmy the Great

Emmy The Great

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James Yorkston

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Johnny Flynn

Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur

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Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson

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Mathieu Santos of Ra Ra Riot

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Micah P. Hinson

Micah P. Hinson

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The Dears

Natalia Yanchak of The Dears

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Oly Ralfe of Ralfe Band

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Peter Liddle of Dry The River

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Robyn Hitchcock

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Shara Worder

Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond

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